H.H.Hoover is staring in his very first 5 issue miniseries. The miniseries will feature 4 stories spanning all five issues. The comics will be in full color, a throw-back brilliant color scheme and feature fantastical worlds to mundane mysteries. Issues 1-3 will be available for purchase in the spring with issue #4 to be published in the fall and #5 to follow. Check back here for updates or follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube!


Follow H.H. Hoover (Horace Hieronymus Hoover) as he travels through pocket universes and goes on great adventures with his friends Max and Slurp. There will be alien horrors, ancient mysteries, esoteric languages and most of all, New York Cities Greatest Space-Time Occult Detective Vacuum. No monster is too powerful, and no mystery too small for H and his crew. Watch as he slowly uncovers how he can travel through these portals, where he gets his powers and who is behind the plot to destroy him!



Always ready to help someone in need, Horace has been searching tirelessly for the Lost Universe. We don’t know much about this Lost Universe but Horace started a uni-dimensional detective agency in order to trade information, and uncover clues as to its mysterious whereabouts. Horace uses his vast local network filled with antique dealers, asylum inmates, book dealers and lore experts to help in his quest to defeat otherworldly dangers. As optimistic as he is loquacious, Mr. Hoover will stop at nothing to solve whatever mystery comes his way. 


As loyal as you can imagine, Slurp is never far from H’s side unless told to do otherwise. Slurp has vast knowledge on many of the subjects that find their way to the gang’s purview, unfortunately, Slurp speaks in an indecipherable alien language. (Unless you find the font - good luck!)


A NYC native, Max is H’s right-hand man and pragmatic counselor when needed. As a former bookie, Max knows all the wrong people in the right areas of the city. Short… okay, very short, but can hold his own against any supernatural horror, Max provides the foundation of the team.